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Adeshewa Bedspreads and Duvet rolls out Christmas Promo

Interestingly, the MD and CEO of Adeshewa bedspreads and duvet,Ms Adeshewa, has rolled out a special Christmas promo for her clients .

The delectable owner of the online store adjudged one of the best by scocialites and celebs decided to put a smile on her clients by doing a 20 percent promo on her products . 

IG: Adeshewa Bedspread/duvet


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Why You should Rock Kolz Brand”- CEO, Ajisafe Kolawole Ojo


My names are Ajisafe Kolawole Ojo, CEO Kolz brand.  A native of Osun State but born in Zaria, Kaduna State. We have different  designs under our collection of Kolz brand. The names of my collection are “Merry men”, “Koltage”, “Sassy sisi”, “Ankara Sauce” and Effizzy.

These collections  are for casual and ceremonial for both male and female.The journey to the establishment of this fashion label started when I  use to help my mother in her textile shop at Zaria. I was born into a family that have vast experiences in quality textile products.  I started designing my own clothes for my tailor to make for me.After some years,  I  decided to start my own clothing line called kolz brands. Starting a brand, when I live far away from home is very multi tasking. I had to do my sketches, get my designer to get the graphics accurately. I know the fashion industry is very competitive but even amidst this, I thought of standing out and producing quality products that are affordable.  I had to source for my materials myself, since I have a good background with textiles and combining them  with shirts. My passion for music also is a drive for this brand, because it covers all sectors of life.  Our brands are available both in Nigeria and UAE (Dubai).You can order and  follow us on  Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter @kolz_brand. Email: kolzkolz007@gmail.comContact us on these lines; +234 814 529 1564, +971 54 741 2499, +234 814 165 3150.

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Toyin Lawani Goes Nude

Interestingly, versatile creative fashion designer and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani shocked many yesterday when she reacted with a ‘fresh skin’ of her body with a feeling of vexation due to the negative echoes received when she posted promotional photos of the lingerie section of her business.

The down-to-earth no-nonsense delectable woman also stripped down to promote her skin care product.

The mum of two who faced criticism for her post taunted her critics with the caption below:

“I heard you were complaining yesterday About my sexy picture 🤣 Aww sorry lemme Bless your day today with fresh skin”

Don’t you wish your wife was fine and clean like her? Don’t