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Read Pro Iginla’s Shocking Tributes About Reinhard Bonnke

One of the leading prophetic voices in Nigeria, Prophet Joshua Iginla has penned a moving tributes on Late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. 

Iginla described the Bonnke as one of the greatest soul winners in history: 

“ I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”- 2 Tim 4:7

Of a truth, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was one of the greatest soul winners in history, and his ministry literally changed our world.

He was a true father of faith and a Great General of God.

Although Reinhard Bonnke, the celebrated German evangelist, has died at the age of 79, During his more than 60 years of preaching, Bonnke was best known for his work with the Great Gospel Crusades throughout Africa Which oversaw the conversion of close to 80 million people to Christianity.

Just like Paul, family and friends could attest to it that Bonnke fought the good fight, He finished the race, And has  kept the faith”

His life and Character as a missionary  is a reminder to Christian Leaders that For this purpose We were born and for that purpose We have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth. He laid an Example for us to follow just like our Lord Jesus did.

I as a Minister Of the Gospel will continue with the fire of burning passion for the Gospel and winning of Souls for the Kingdom which he left behind. We meet to part, We part to meet at the Bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reinhard Bonnke, the celebrated German evangelist, has died at the age of 79, according to a post on his official Facebook page. During his more than 60 years of preaching, Bonnke was best known for his work with the Great Gospel Crusades throughout Africa.
Bonnke said that he became born-again at the age of nine. His father had also been a preacher. Bonnke, a native of Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany, attended Bible College in the Welsh city of Swansea. In one biography, Bonnke said that he made his first missionary trip to Africa before he was 13 years of age.
That profile says that it was well Bonnke was in Lesotho, a country surrounded on all sides by South Africa, “God placed upon his heart the vision of ‘the continent of Africa, being washed in the precious Blood of Jesus.” In 1984, Bonnke commissioned the construction of the largest mobile tent that was capable of holding 34,000 people. During his life, Bonnke oversaw the conversion of 77 million people to Christianity.

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Sani Emmanuel, the former Nigerian football starlet whose recent social media plea for help to fund an operation for his career-threatening injury made headlines, has revealed a stunning plot against prominent Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua by some ‘big men of God’.

In a tell-all post on Facebook ( Emmanuel revealed he received a phone call from “a woman named Bisola Johnson” who spoke to him for over two hours, promising substantive financial benefits if he agreed “to testify against TB Joshua”.

“She spoke on her relationship with some big men of God,” he asserted, adding they would assist him to “raise up to 10 million naira for my surgery” on the condition that he damningly reveal TB Joshua used his “star” for a ritual.

“She said I had to change the name Emmanuel as the name is cursed,” Sani continued, revealing Johnson tried repeatedly “to convince me that TB Joshua is not a real man of God.”

Emmanuel provided evidence by uploading an audio recording of one of his conversations with Johnson onto SoundCloud ( where she can be heard coaching him on how to respond if asked about his injury and Joshua’s role in not alleviating it.

Sani’s rise to footballing relevance during the 2009 U-17 World Cup, where he won the coveted Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player, was well connected to TB Joshua.

The young footballer played for My People FC, the grassroots football academy founded and funded by the cleric, revealing in interviews then that he worked as an “altar boy” in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

Before Sani and his team-mate Ogenyi Onazi were selected to represent the Golden Eaglets, Joshua also sponsored their trip to Sweden to play for a lower-tier team.

Clearly miffed at Johnson’s smear campaign against the cleric and her attempts to embroil him in it, Emmanuel stated that he “grew up in the Synagogue” and described Joshua as “the best dad in the world.”

“If not TB Joshua, I would have ended up playing street football at a village called Aso Pada in Abuja,” the footballer continued, adding “he raised me from nobody to somebody.”

Sani also revealed that his social media plea for help led to probing questions from people familiar with his connection to Joshua.

“I have received calls and messages from people, asking why couldn’t the man of God help me or heal me,” he stated, explaining that Joshua is just “like you and I” but simply being “used by God”.

“A prophet is not a magician. I believe my time of healing will surely come,” he concluded, before revealing he had been distant from the cleric for a long time and desired to “come back home”.

Days earlier, Emmanuel revealed in an Instagram post that his former team-mate Ogenyi Onazi had paid N1.4m ($4,000) to enable him to undergo surgery for achilles tendonitis which had plagued him since the onset of his career.

After his breakout performances at the FIFA U-17 World Cup, Emmanuel had trials with Chelsea and Tottenham before a brief stint at Italian side Lazio but persistent injuries hampered him from making any mark.

Sani’s revelation is not the first-time prominent clerics have been implicated in efforts to publicly discredit TB Joshua.

Earlier this year, a video on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel chronicled the confession of an ex-militant named James who admitted he was paid “huge amounts” by a Nigerian pastor to “lie against TB Joshua” and malign his ministry in “a public crusade”.

Bisola Johnson, the initiator of the phone call with Sani, has been a long-term nemesis of Joshua, brazenly accusing him – without evidence – of perpetuating all manner of atrocities within his popular church.

Johnson, who worked in The SCOAN for several years before turning against her former boss, has previously admitted on camera to being mentally unstable and was recently accused of fraud by a US-based businessman.

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Prophet Joshua Iginla Clears the Air on His Purported relocation to South Africa

The revered clergy and senior Prophet of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has cleared the air on his purported relocation to South Africa.

The philanthropist during the glamorous celebration of the ministry’s 13th anniversary inside their 80,000 seater auditorium in Kubwa, Abuja stated that he was merely on a prophetic mission to the nation of South Africa as instructed by God . He declared that they are undergoing massive projects and expansion in South Africa which will soon be be made manifested .

Meanwhile , it was glitz and glamour as Prophet Joshua Iginla-led champions Royal Assembly celebrated its 13th anniversary amidst pomp and pageantry on Sunday, November 24th, 2019. 

Tagged  “Chariots of Glory,” it was a touch of fiery glory  during the service as the Oracle of God dished our confirmed prophecies like a running tap without control and several miracles and deliverance backing the ministration.

After the glorious service we reliably learnt that the crusade train has moved to Akwa Ibom for a two day power packed prophetic invasion.

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SHOCKER! PROPHET JOSHUA IGINLA Gifts Helper $1000, A Plot Of Land

Never despise little beginning they say. The philanthropic clergy and shepherd in Charge of Champions Royal Assembly  dazzled a poor man, Chucks during ministration today in Abuja.

We gathered that brother Chuks was the first agent who gave  Iginla his first apartment with an incomplete payment, which was used to start the ministry 13 years ago. 

Chuks at times during  those era and gives the man of God mtn 750 recharge cards. Although he never believed in his calling.

He was suddenly located through a prophetical review by the help of the holy spirit and was shocked   the man of God could recognise him after 13 solid years. 

The man of God reminded him of his help 13 years ago, gave him a cash gift of 1000 U.S Dollars, a plot of land in Abuja  alongside 7 lovely suits.

The pastor is a record breaker and unique person in many sense, here are some unexpected facts from Joshua Iginla biography:

  • Brother Joshua has presented a number of cars to celebrities and actors. For the first time it happened in 2015, he gave out 22 cars and the second time he presented 32 cars as a gesture of largesse;
  • Currently, the pastor builds a new record-breaking world-class 80,000 seats auditorium in Abuja and his building another one in South Africa;
  • Pastor Joshua Iginla donated N1 million Naira for the treatment of Nollywood star Elder Maya
  • the pastor presented one more car to famous actorSolomon Akiyesi, and he also added N300, 000 to cover any costs.
  • The pastor has Champions Television that is broadcasted globally
  • Since 2014 he became known as a prophet, he predicted many political and social events, among them: 
    • On March 9, 2014, the pastor predicted that Obasanjo would quit PDP
    • The next prediction was about Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon 
    • He predicted future World cup 2014 winner
    • After that, there was a prediction about the upcoming impeachment of Adamawa’s State governor. 
    • The pastor predicted bomb attack at INEC office and accidents with Boko Haram female bombers
    • There were also predictions about Ebola threat, and fire outbreaks in Lagos (2015).
    Pastor Joshua Iginla is a popularly known as a minister, a role model, philanthropist, a mentor, many people call him “Papa” because of his helping activity. Brother Joshua authored several lives transforming books.He is famous as a prophet, and people wait for new prediction by him. It is obvious that Brother Joshua is an extraordinary person, who inspires many people around the world.

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Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has just returned from a peace-brokering mission in South Sudan where he led President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinet in prayer for peace at the nation’s Presidential Palace.

However, records reveal this is not the cleric’s first intervention when it comes to brokering peace on a national scale.

In November 2000, Joshua oversaw a heartfelt reconciliation that touched the nation of Liberia between Samuel Doe Jr and the man responsible for gruesomely slaughtering his father, Prince Yormie Johnson.

In the height of Liberia’s brutal civil war, Johnson – then a rebel leader – captured President Samuel Doe in Monrovia and tortured him publicly before executing him in footage seen on news reports around the world.

“Every night I went to sleep, I prayed that one day God would give me to the opportunity to meet this man and kill him to revenge the death of my father,” Samuel Doe Jr publicly admitted during his visit to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

Doe Jr said he harbored this “grudge” for ten long years. Unbeknownst to him and his mother Nancy who came to seek prayers at The SCOAN, the former warlord had ‘repented’, become a Christian and was in attendance at Joshua’s church.

Spotting Johnson amidst the large church crowd, Doe Jr said he felt his blood “run cold” and looked for a weapon to enact revenge.

“I felt like running inside the kitchen to pick up a knife,” he recounted. However, Doe Jr was ‘supernaturally restrained’ from carrying out his vengeful intentions as he was “under the control of the Holy Spirit”.

After publicly confessing what was ‘hindering his salvation’, Joshua counselled the Doe family about the need for forgiveness, after which he prayed for them.

“If Jesus can forgive us of our sins, then who am I to hold a grudge against a child of God,” Samuel announced to rapturous applause from the congregation.

Prince Yormie Johnson then came forward from the crowd and the duo warmly embraced, subsequently joined by Liberia’s former First Lady Nancy Doe and TB Joshua.

In a meeting the next week, Johnson revealed the reconciliation went beyond just the two families but extended to the warring tribes in Liberia.

“This reconciliation will go a long way to unite our two ethnic groups. The war in Liberia started between us and the reconciliation will have to begin with us,” he revealed.

Liberia has since enjoyed peace nationwide for over fifteen years and is steadily cementing its status as a growing democracy in West Africa.

Prince Yormie Johnson has returned to Liberia as a Senator and plays an active role in his country’s politics.

In the run-up to Liberia’s last elections, Johnson visited The SCOAN with George Weah, eventually choosing to endorse the football legend, which proved pivotal to his eventual ascension to Liberia’s Presidency.

TB Joshua also played an important reconciliatory role in Tanzania in the wake of the divisive 2015 elections which saw John Magufuli emerge victorious.

Joshua visited the East African nation, holding extensive meetings with both President Magufuli and opposition leader Edward Lowassa, both of whom had previously visited his church in Lagos.

Citizens acknowledged Joshua’s visit significantly reduced the palpable tensions that existed in the aftermath of the disputed elections and restored peace to the nation.


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President of Togo invites Prophet Joshua Iginla for prayer

The General  Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly worldwide, Prophet Joshua Iginla paid a courtesy visit to the President of Togo, Faure Gnaassingbe after he was exclusively invited to be a blessing to the nation.

The Prophet who confirmed this through the facebook page of his ministry this morning made it known that his mission there was to pray for the nation of Togo and declare raw truth as laid on his mind by God for the president and the nation of Togo.

He made it known that his visit isnt for any political gain or showmanship but an expression of obedience to God’s directives.

The man of God appreciated the President’s humility and love for the prophetic truth.

He further revealed that Togo is  a great nation and he sees a new wave of glory sweeping through the country.

“ 1 Timothy 2:2 admonishes us to pray for Kings and those in authority. I paid a courtesy Visit to the president of Togo, Faure Gnassingbe on his exclusive invitation.

My mission was strictly to pray for the nation of Togo and declare the Raw truth as laid on my mind by God for His Excellency and the nation. It is not for showmanship or political gains.

Of a truth, I must admit the President’s humility and love for the prophetic truth endears him to me.

Togo is a great Nation and I see a new wave of glory sweeping through the country. 

Remember 2 Chronicles 20:20 says; “Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper”

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“Why I left South Sudan Quietly “- T.B. Joshua

The senior Prophet of Synagogue Church Of All Nations Prophet T.B. Joshua has revealed exclusively the real reasons for his quiet departure from South Sudan shortly after his meeting with President Salva Kiir on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 inside the Presidential Palace, Juba.

He revealed that he left quietly due to divine instructions.

In a statement made available to us he said he decided to clear the air so as to put the record straight.

“ Following my ‘quiet’ departure from the country of South Sudan after a recent visit there, please permit me to clear the air on what transpired. 

I know that many citizens and residents of South Sudan would have wanted me to spend a few more days with them. Indeed, I saw thousands of people waiting at the lobby of the hotel because they thought I would stay for longer. 

However, I had received an instruction from God to leave immediately – without waiting for any ‘thank you’ whatsoever, whether in cash or kind. 

The same God Almighty had sent me there – to pray for South Sudan and lead the nation to a new beginning. Who am I, then, to disobey the voice of my Master, my Creator, the One who gives life to us all? 

On this note, therefore, I would like to urge all expectant South Sudanese and other nationals to please understand that I had to obey the voice of God.

No doubt, there is need for a revival crusade in South Sudan. As such, I await divine directions for another visit soon, for the harvest is on the way! 

It would be recalled that President Salva Kiir and the First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit received the Senior Prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua in Juba upon arrival at Juba International Airport on Tuesday morning.

A number of senior government officials and thousands of believers from across the country also gathered at Juba International Airport to welcome the senior prophet.

In his remarks, President Salva Kiir described the visit of the Senior Prophet as a new beginning for South Sudan.

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South Sudan President Invites Prophet TB Joshua For Prayers

Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua to hold prayers at J1 tomorrowPopular televangelist Prophet TB Joshua is expected to visit South Sudan tomorrow, the presidency said.Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny confirmed that the self-proclaimed prophet would hold prayers at the presidential palace and preparations are on top gear.“Yes, he is coming tomorrow to hold prayers for peace. He is coming to pray for the leaders at J1,” Ateny said.Temitope Balogun Joshua also known as T. B. Joshua is a Nigerian pastor, televangelist, and philanthropist. He founded The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, and owns the Christian television network Emmanuel TV.TB Joshua gained prominence in South Sudan for his alleged prophecy of a failed coup attempt against President Salva Kiir before the conflict erupted in 2013.Kiir then sent a high-level delegation headed by Vice President Wani Igga to Nigeria to deliver an invitation to the prophet offering him an advisory role in the government.
It would be recalled that it’s the same way Tanzanian President invited T.B. Joshua for prayers which he honored . And today, Tanzania is one of the best countries in Africa. You can read more on

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Ekiti Deputy Gov, Egbeyemi, in Show of Shame . . . *Slaps, manhandles Officer on duty

Deputy Gov, Bisi Egbeyemi, Fight Dirty in the public ….slaped officer, struggled with his riffle and Jack his uniform

The deputy Governonr of Ekiti State, Bisi Egbeyemi on Sunday morning was reported to have slapped an officer attached to the Govt house, Sunday Olasekun.

The reasons for the un-rully behaviours of the Deputy governor who was said to have acted under the influence of alcohol slapped the officer, dragged his riffle and at the same time jacked his uniform.

The officers attached to the Deputy Governonr, having witnessed the un-rully behaviours of their principal however resulted to a placation and plea on the Sunday Olasekun, an Inspector of Corp, Nigeria Securiry and civil defence corps (NSCDC.) to allow the case settled within the Govt house environment and not allow it get to the media and the public.