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SHOCKER! PROPHET JOSHUA IGINLA Gifts Helper $1000, A Plot Of Land

Never despise little beginning they say. The philanthropic clergy and shepherd in Charge of Champions Royal Assembly  dazzled a poor man, Chucks during ministration today in Abuja.

We gathered that brother Chuks was the first agent who gave  Iginla his first apartment with an incomplete payment, which was used to start the ministry 13 years ago. 

Chuks at times during  those era and gives the man of God mtn 750 recharge cards. Although he never believed in his calling.

He was suddenly located through a prophetical review by the help of the holy spirit and was shocked   the man of God could recognise him after 13 solid years. 

The man of God reminded him of his help 13 years ago, gave him a cash gift of 1000 U.S Dollars, a plot of land in Abuja  alongside 7 lovely suits.

The pastor is a record breaker and unique person in many sense, here are some unexpected facts from Joshua Iginla biography:

  • Brother Joshua has presented a number of cars to celebrities and actors. For the first time it happened in 2015, he gave out 22 cars and the second time he presented 32 cars as a gesture of largesse;
  • Currently, the pastor builds a new record-breaking world-class 80,000 seats auditorium in Abuja and his building another one in South Africa;
  • Pastor Joshua Iginla donated N1 million Naira for the treatment of Nollywood star Elder Maya
  • the pastor presented one more car to famous actorSolomon Akiyesi, and he also added N300, 000 to cover any costs.
  • The pastor has Champions Television that is broadcasted globally
  • Since 2014 he became known as a prophet, he predicted many political and social events, among them: 
    • On March 9, 2014, the pastor predicted that Obasanjo would quit PDP
    • The next prediction was about Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon 
    • He predicted future World cup 2014 winner
    • After that, there was a prediction about the upcoming impeachment of Adamawa’s State governor. 
    • The pastor predicted bomb attack at INEC office and accidents with Boko Haram female bombers
    • There were also predictions about Ebola threat, and fire outbreaks in Lagos (2015).
    Pastor Joshua Iginla is a popularly known as a minister, a role model, philanthropist, a mentor, many people call him “Papa” because of his helping activity. Brother Joshua authored several lives transforming books.He is famous as a prophet, and people wait for new prediction by him. It is obvious that Brother Joshua is an extraordinary person, who inspires many people around the world.

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